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Adding Multiple Keyboard Languages to Windows 7

Adding multiple keyboard languages gives you the ability to quickly switch the input language that you are using to type. This is very useful when corresponding with others around the world or if you need to create documents in various languages.

Here are the steps to setup multiple keyboard languages and how to switch between them.


1.      Click Start.

2.      Click Control Panel.

3.      If the Control Panel is in the category view click “Change keyboard or other input methods”.

4.      If the Control Panel is in one of the icon views click “Region and Language”.

5.      Click the “Keyboard and Languages” tab.

6.      Click “Change Keyboards”

7.      Under “Installed Services” click “Add”

8.      Scroll down to the language you want to add and expand it by clicking the plus sign (+) next to the language and the plus sign next to the word “Keyboard”.

9.      Check mark the language you want to add.

10.  You can select as many languages as you wish. Once you have finished selecting the languages to add click “OK”

11.  You can now change the default language if you wish. This is the language that will be used when your computer first boots up.

12.  Click “OK” on each window that opened and close the Control Panel.

Switching between languages:

There are a couple of ways to switch between input languages.

1.      Press [Alt][Shift] on your keyboard.

2.      Select the language from the language bar.

The language bar will either be free floating or located on the task bar near the clock. You can change where it is is displayed by minimizing the language bar (if it is free floating) or by selecting “Show the language bar” (if it is on the task bar).

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