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Much Improved ReadyBoost in Windows 7

Many things have been improved upon in Windows 7. One of which is ReadyBoost. ReadyBoost was first introduced in Windows Vista but was a bit of a disappointment. Microsoft has changed that with Windows 7.

ReadyBoost is the ability to use a flash drive (thumb drive) to extend the computer’s memory (RAM). Adding more RAM to a computer increases its performance as it is faster for the computer to access RAM than to access the hard drive.

With Windows Vista there was a 4GB limit for ReadyBoost. This limitation has been removed in Windows 7. Also in Windows Vista you could only use one flash drive for ReadyBoost, in Windows 7 you can use multiple flash drives allowing you to extend the computer’s memory by quite a bit.

How do you use ReadyBoost?

Just insert a flash drive. Windows 7 will read the drive to see if its performance is fast enough to be used as a ReadyBoost device. If it is, Windows will ask you if you want to use the devise to increase system performance. You can use the entire flash drive for ReadyBoost or chose to allocate some space while using the rest to store your files.

Click here for a detailed chart of Windows 7 features.

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