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Preview Attachments in Outlook 2007

Have you ever wanted to quickly check an attachment that you received in an email without having to open the attachment first? Well you can with Outlook 2007.

Outlook 2007 has the ability to preview attachments right from within the preview pane or within the body of an opened email message. I like using the preview pane, this way you don’t even need to open the email. :)

Outlook 2007 comes pre-installed with previewers for Microsoft Office Products as well as for images and text files:

Word 2007 documents
Excel 2007 worksheets
PowerPoint 2007 presentations
Outlook 2007 items
Visio 2007 drawings
Text files

You can also add additional previewers. For example Adobe created a previewer that lets you preview PDF’s in Outlook 2007.

Here’s how you preview an attachment in Outlook 2007:

From within Outlook find an email with an attachment and left click the attachment (single click, if you double click it will open the attachment).


You may see a warning message. Be careful when opening attachments that you are not expecting or from unknown sources.

Click Preview File. If you always want to open this type of file without the warning remove the checkmark from “Always warn before previewing this type of file.”


The attachment will then open in the preview pane or the body of the opened email message.

To go back to the body of your email, click Message.


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