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Windows 7 Jump Lists

The Windows 7 task bar gives you the combined functionality of the quick launch bar and the task bar of previous versions of Windows and then some with Jump Lists.

The Jump List is the menu that appears when you right click on an application icon on the task bar.  Here is an example of Internet Explorer’s Jump List:


Some options are the same across all Jump Lists. For example, on all Jump Lists you can pin the application to the task bar, this will keep the application icon on the task bar even after you close it, this basically creates  a shortcut to the application (like the quick launch bar).

Some options are specific to a particular application. For example Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all show the past few documents opened while Windows Media Player adds the ability to “Play all music shuffled”

As developers start to write applications specifically for Windows 7 you will begin to see the Jump Lists become more customized to the individual applications.

Click here for a detailed chart of Windows 7 features.

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